word of welcome

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the international conference “HEART WITH]OUT[ BORDERS– cardiovascular development, disease & repair”, that will be held in Porto on 28-29th November 2014. This event has been conceived to nurture and promote fundamental and translational cardiovascular biology, which is emerging in the Portuguese scientific community.


The first research teams addressing this area were only established in Portugal over the last six to seven years. “HEART WITH]OUT[ BORDERS– cardiovascular development, disease & repair” will bring together our leading researchers from all over the country and have them present and discuss their work with renowned foreign experts. Just as elsewhere worldwide, cardiovascular abnormalities, injury and disease have a major impact on Portuguese health. This event will improve our knowledge of this organ-system and allow us to contribute to developing effective regenerative/repair therapies to be translated into the clinic.

We are inviting you to join us in this event to promote insight and animated discussion in a way that will inspire our young and senior researchers, to discuss their experience and data amongst peers, to share and to learn from their counterparts in the international scientific arena. We are also open to the generous funding of well-established national and international scientific/R&D/business platforms and companies as well as any kind of support they can provide that will enable us to capture the spirit of this enterprise and keep more hearts beating as they should. We thank you all in advance.

This will be a gathering to promote direct contact amongst young and senior researchers in a trans-disciplinary perspective that will clearly reflect our attempt to conciliate the aspirations of three independent scientific societies: the Portuguese Society of Cardiology (SPC), the Portuguese Society of Developmental Biology (SPBD) and the Portuguese Society for Stem Cells and Cell Therapies (SPCE-TC) which are co-responsible for the organization of the event. To strengthen the attendance of young researchers, registration bursaries have generously been made available by the SPBD and the SPCE-TC. Noteworthy, owing to that “HEART WITH]OUT[ BORDERS– cardiovascular development, disease & repair” will be one the year’s main scientific events organized by SPCE-TC, and under the expectation to reunite a majority of this society fellows, a considerable number of bursaries have been offered for SPCE-TC members.

Last and not the least, the project for an art exhibition, i.e. “HeART Without Borders”, will also be launched on the last day of the conference with the exhibition of selected art-works expressly made for the occasion by three distinguished Portuguese artists. This is a starting momentum in which two pillars of culture, science and art, join efforts for mutual support embodying a movement that will grow over the next months with the reception of art-works for future exhibition  and auction. The proceeds are to be shared between the participating artists and a fund for young scientist/s within the scientific scope of the conference – the heart. Therefore, we are looking forward a worldwide engagement of artists that want to become part of this project, conceiving and sharing their work pieces with the HeART Without Borders. The exhibition of the art works, to be held at late spring 2015, will strenght the cooperation between these two cultural spheres and can become a new space to share ideas and to build bridges with society.

Heartiest greetings from the Organization,

Perpétua Pinto-do-Ó (INEB, ICBAS – U. Porto and Institut Pasteur, Paris, France) 

Adelino Leite-Moreira (CHSJ, FMUP – U. Porto)