He/art Without Borders

The project for an art exhibition, i.e. “HeART Without Borders”, will be launched on the last day of the conference with the exhibition of selected artworks expressly made for the occasion by three distinguished Portuguese artists:  sculptor Carlos Marques and painters Luísa Mendes and Francisco Casanova.

The inauguration of the exhibition takes place at 6.30 pm on November 29th, at Atmosfera m, located in Rua Júlio Dinis, nº 158/160, 5th floor, 4050-012 Porto.


This is a starting momentum in which two pillars of culture, science and art, join efforts for mutual support embodying a movement that will grow over the next months with the reception of art-works for future exhibition  and auction. The proceeds are to be shared between the participating artists and a fund for young scientist/s within the scientific scope of the conference – the heart. Therefore, we are looking forward a worldwide engagement of artists that want to become part of this project, conceiving and sharing their work pieces with the HeART Without Borders. The exhibition of the art works, to be held at late spring 2015, will strenght the cooperation between these two cultural spheres and can become a new space to share ideas and to build bridges with society.